Biological was my MFA Solo Thesis Exhibition held at the Donna Beam Art Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2003.  My Thesis Statement: In Pursuit of Beauty was published in the May 2004 issue of Ceramics Monthly.  Below is a short excerpt:

Daily living can be  a draining chore with endless to do lists, long lines, and traffic jams.  Mundane and monotonous, the week drags by only to fast forward over the weekend.  It is a miserable routine that weighs on the human spirit as we delude ourselves in our workaday lives and forget the beautiful and mysterious world we live in. 

Beauty is an escape from my mundane life.  It is  beauty that reminds me that life is a gift which is far greater than our daily struggles.  Beauty truly exalts the mind and spirit.  Making art is a way for me to focus on this idea.  It enables me to make sense out of why I am here and what it means to be self aware.    As I strive to create an ideal world through my designs of perfecting the sublime I understand what I am looking for is a spiritual revelation. 

Click here to read the entire article.

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