Flesh + Bone
      Photography courtesy of Sam Lee Gallery

Exhibition Statement:

With Flesh + Bone I venture into uncharted territory.  Life as I knew it changed drastically, leaving me stripped to the bone, exposed, and defenseless.  I was raw, broken open.  The sculptures in Flesh + Bone represent feelings of both hope and apprehensiveness, which manifested from the gap in my heart.  I juxtapose boundless desires with feelings of vulnerability, unease, and trepidation.




"Sweet Somethings"

"Sweet Somethings" Detail

"Sweet Somethings" Detail

"Sweet Somethings" Detail

"Role Reversal"

"Role Reversal" Detail

"Love Me, Love Me Not..."

"Love Me, Love Me Not..." Detail

"Love Me, Love Me Not..." Detail

"Daydreaming of You"

"Daydreaming of You" Detail

“Crossing Boundaries”

“Crossing Boundaries” Detail

"Endings & Beginnings"

"Endings & Beginnings" Detail

"Out of Reach"

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